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a lot less and still get the best!
Exemplary service and results are our hallmark.
We are well-known giclee printers, dedicated to providing commercial clients (art decor link below), as well as a select number of highly successful artists with equally high standards of fine art, giclee printing... but, with several significant changes you'll surely appreciate.

PRICE: Our giclee services, film scanning and low cost print pricing are very affordable, just a fraction of what they cost elsewhere.

GUARANTEE: We guarantee our giclees and services, endeavoring to exceed your expectations.

QUALITY: We use the very best equipment and materials available, assuring superb fine art giclees.

REPUTATION: We are color masters whose technical and artistic knowledge, coupled with extensive expertise and sensitivity in printing fine art giclees, gives you full confidence your prints will be exceptional. Whether producing fine art giclee editions or high volume commercial work, we are dedicated and focused on the art of creating the finest giclees available.
We use the renowned "Better Light" digital scanning system for astoundingly accurate high-resolution scans! There's no wonder this is the system museums employ to copy their collections. Giclee By The Bay can accept originals up to 96" x 102." However, if all you have are transparencies, we use the legendary, Creo Sitex iQsmart3 with Oxygen software to extract as much information from your film as is "digitally" possible to assure superb results. Our newest addition to our stable of giclee printers is the latest 12 color Canon ipf9000 that prints to 60" wide. This is state of the art and is reproducing the Cadmium Reds, Yellows, Oranges as well as Ultramarine and Cobalt Blue and deep Greens that are beyond the limits of printers without these 12 dedicated colors of ink.
Commercial, Art Decor Clients:
For high volume commercial printing, we offer a host of options to produce extraordinary results at equally low prices. Please, call us or follow the "More information" link to determine qualification and pricing.

Giclee By The Bay, Inc. specializes in helping you achieve your goals while providing the lowest pricing available anywhere.

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