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Company Profile
An Overview:
Giclee By The Bay's mission is to produce the finest giclee prints at astoundingly low prices. You will get personalized service and unwavering high-quality for significantly less money-it's that simple.

Giclee By The Bay is located in Los Osos, California, which rests on the shores of Estero Bay and Morro Bay. We're surrounded by parks, beaches, quaint towns and superb golf courses. It's equidistant from Los Angeles and San Francisco and centered on the expanse of Estero Bay. With 4,000 square feet of servicable space, our building is in the heart of Los Osos.

The People:
Jim Kosvanec, NWS is a published author, international watercolor workshop instructor, video instruction producer and international judge of art. He has also served as a board member of the National Watercolor Society and the Central Coast Watercolor Society.

Jim, raised in Kennebunk, Maine found art was his passion at a very young age. He attended Butera School of Art and Rochester Institute of Technology, later working as a commercial photographer in Rochester and Chicago. Slipping back into his passion for art, he attended the American Academy of Art and launched a successful career in fine arts.

Jim has won numerous awards in national watercolor competitions, and is a Signature-Elected Member of the National Watercolor Association and an Honorary Member of the California Watercolor Association.

Jim is a master of color, for which he has written a book and many articles, and is exceptionally adept with computers and printing systems. He is a patient person who is willing to clearly explain a process until it's understood.

His website is: www.kosvanec.com
* We have more than twenty years of experience with both Mac and PC platforms, including fourteen years printing giclee editions. Giclee By The Bay
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Carol King was a student of graphic design at the Kansas City Art Institute. She has worked in studios and printers, including Hallmark Cards. Over many years, she continued working in graphic design studios and advertising, until recently she established Cranedale Designs, which designs thematic historic designs for painted sinks, tiles and murals. Carol has won many awards for her designs and painting.

She enjoys working with other artists, and unselfishly shares her knowledge and inspiration.
2015 Fairchild Way, Ste. G Los Osos, CA 93402
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