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  • Giclee Printing Technique – Classy and Affordable

    2011 - 10.24
    Giclee prints are of top quality reproductions that are created by using the best printing materials and techniques. These prints offer richer details in comparison to regular posters and cheap art prints.

    Giclee Canvas Prints Offering Unbeatable Results:

    The cost of owning a giclee canvas print is a little higher than buying posters or cheap reproductions. But the posters and cheap art prints fade away are a few years, whereas giclee art prints and fade resistant and remain in mint condition for a long time. These high-resolution Giclee prints are produced by utilizing latest printing techniques and remain intact for a lifetime.

    Hiring the Pros for Producing Superb Giclee Art Prints:

    Online companies that offer Giclee printing make use of most advanced softwares for editing the images before printing then onto high quality canvases. These companies allow the customers to upload their images online on their websites. You can also scan some old black and white photographs and upload them on their websites. These pros will work on those photos and convert them into awesome and impressive canvas prints.

    Beautify Your Interiors with a Giclee Canvas Print:

    The art and beauty reflected by giclee art prints can make a real difference in your working or living space. These beautiful canvases can also be used as a unique and special gift for your loved ones. All you need to do is to get online and search for one of the best Giclee printing service providers for transforming your treasured photographs into impressive canvas prints.

    Salient Features of Giclee Canvas Printing

    2011 - 10.07

    Explore the Finest Art Prints with Giclee Techique

    In the present age, Giclee technique has emerged as a popular means of art reproduction through printing. Giclee prints offer you the best quality reproduction of your favorite artwork on paper or canvas. This technology has gone through a great deal of improvement and progress within a short period of time. The ink and printer used are also of excellent quality which can reproduce each and every detail with amazing fidelity. Unlike the mundane commercial printing that starts fading after sometimes, Giclee printing has a long shelf life. You can find many online companies that can aid you in transforming your digital pictures into fascinating Giclee prints.

    Advantages of Hiring Professional Giclee Print Services

    1. There are various advantages of hiring Giclee print services such as:

    2. They have both artistic as well as technical fluency and are capable of producing good quality Giclee canvas prints

    3. They have their own professional cameras to capture the picture of the artwork in high definition

    4. They utilize top quality papers and coatings to ensure fade resistant results with magnificent color and continuous tones

    Most of the companies charge a reasonable one-time amount for their services that include accurate capturing of the original artwork, cropping, retouching, color balancing and proofing

    Giclee canvas printing is not a child’s play as it needs utmost care and expertise to ensure a perfect replication of the original artwork. Professional photographers, museums and art galleries are at a greater benefit with Giclee canvas prints, thus, they are the ones using this technology to a large extent.

    Giclee Canvas Printing – The Best Way to Preserve Your Precious Memories

    2011 - 09.23

    Giclee printing is one of the most exclusive and special type of printing methods applied on paper or canvas using an ultra high resolution printer. The Giclee technique has gone through a lot of advancement in a short span of time. Professional photographers, art galleries and museums are at a greater benefit with Giclee canvas printing, hence, they are the ones utilizing this technology to a large extent. If you wish to have the finest quality reproduction of your favorite artwork along with the original details then Giclee printing is the best way of ensuring it. Giclee prints on good quality canvas may last longer than other commercial prints. So, you can preserve your precious moments on canvas for many more years to come.

    Benefits of Giclee Printing

    The benefits of Giclee canvas printing are different for everyone. Some of them are discussed as follows:

    1. The technique is beneficial for fine artists who want to reproduce their art as per their requirement. They may offer giclee canvas prints to customers who cannot afford high-priced originals

    2. Fine art photographers can create large prints of outstanding quality. The special acid-free papers and coatings ensure fade resistant product with attractive color and continuous tones

    3. Giclee canvas printing is an ideal medium for unlocking the potential of digital art

    4. Elegantly stretched Giclee canvas prints also make great gifts for your loved ones

    Nowadays, you can find many Giclee canvas printing companies on internet that can help you in transforming your digital pictures into charismatic Giclee prints.

    What You Should Know About Fine Art Printing Services

    2011 - 08.23

    Printing technology has made tremendous improvements in recent years. Today, one can expect to achieve results with printing that were difficult to imagine even a few decades back. One of the most notable innovations in the world of printing has been the introduction of the giclee technology. On the strength of this technology, an entire industry has grown around art printing service.

    If you’ve ever been in need of high quality fine art reproductions, you have probably been to an art printing service provider already. As most of us know, reproducing a piece of art on paper or canvas is not something that just about anybody can manage to pull off easily. Fine art reproductions require a good deal of specialized expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, and these are something that an average printer will not typically possess.

    That’s why, for the best fine art reproductions, insist on finding the best printer in your locality. Most often, the only costs involved are those that are incurred by scanning, printing and shipping the final print.

    The reason why giclee based art printing service is so popular today is because no other printing methods can give you as much accuracy and precision. A finished giclee print is, almost always, a truly fascinating thing to look at. Place it beside the original and you will have a hard time guessing which one is the real one and which one is the copy. Every brush stroke, every highlighting and every little detail gets accurately transferred so that there no loss of anything.

    The Potential of Canvas Printing Services in Your Home Decoration

    2011 - 08.02

    Being an avid art lover is not a cheap prospect; you cannot afford to buy original art works of your favorite artist unless born with a silver spoon may be. Spending one’s hard-earned money on expensive masterpieces is also not possible for everyone. Under the circumstances, fine art giclee printing comes across as the solution for decorating your home and office with the exquisite canvas paintings or renowned photographs you’d always fancied to possess one day.

    All the contemporary canvas printing services offer you high-definition replication of your favorite art pieces on canvas using fine art giclee printing technology. For accomplishing the same, these services use sophisticated ink jet printers that are equipped with fast, bright and archival quality inks to print long lasting and as good as the original work of art.

    The entire process – right from acquiring a high quality digital image of the (to be replicated) art work, to enhancing the sharpness of the image and successfully printing it on to the best quality canvas material – all is taken care of by the canvas printing services. Alternatively, you can also provide the service with the digital image of the art work to cut the costs. However, thus you run the risk of inferior quality end product. The services, on the other hand, have access to the best of technology in photographing, scanning and editing. So, leaving it end-to-end to the printer services will ensure flawless replication of your favorite artwork to sport at home in your living room.

    A Quick Overview of Giclee Printers

    2011 - 07.16

    Giclee prints have taken the world of authentic art reproductions by storm. Giclee printing is one of the best known methods of art work for art lovers the world over today. In this domain, Giclee By The Bay is among the better known Giclee printing service providers. The Giclee printer is different from the normal desktop inkjet printer. The normal ink is also not used. In the case of Giclee By The Bay, the finest ink printers are used for large format printing. Their printers are highly optimized such that even the inks that are used are specifically selected for fine art printing. The prints that are produced are excellent fine art Giclees, smallest spray nozzles are used for this.

    The inks that are used in Giclee printing are very stable and archival and pigmented inks are used and not the dye based inks that most printers are using. This is the reason why Giclee By The Bay can offer reproductions on almost any kind of material such as cotton rag watercolor paper, fine art paper as well as canvas. The output quality of the Giclee printer can be appreciated by the fact that you will get 80 years of light fastness in the archival prints offered by Giclee By The Bay. Pricing is, therefore, not the only reason for the popularity of this producer of quality Giclees. There is also the backing of excellent service that other competitors will find hard to beat with the kind of precision and methodology that is employed at every stage of their production process.

    Giclees Printing – For Long lasting and Beautiful Prints

    2011 - 07.07
    Giclee printing is the process of printing your preferred image on a canvas. Although it may sound simple, but great precision and expertise is required for such type of printing. For a high quality finish and texture, canvas of the finest quality must be used. It can be defined as an inexpensive and beautiful display of art that can add richness over time. They are just the ideal collectibles and can beautify the walls of your home and office. For such type of printing, high quality giclee printers are used by the service providers to meet customer’s requirements and provide prints that closely resemble the original.

    Giclees printing can reproduce original images of photos, artworks, computer graphics etc. It makes use of original technology and original artwork is reproduced without sacrificing the quality. You can also gift them to your near and dear ones on special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays. You can even customize such prints according to your requirements. The photos of your childhood, graduation days, etc. can be converted into giclee to give them an aesthetic appeal and also for their long lasting. Photographers can also enhance their photographs by adding special effects. It is important on your part to make your selection of giclee printers very carefully for high quality work. The professional service providers make use of six to twelve ink printers for large format giclee. The internet will help you to locate a reputed professional printer. Letting your memories alive forever will not be a problem anymore.

    Preliminary Search for an Art Canvas Printing Service

    2011 - 06.22
    When it comes to giclee prints, there are some aspects where no printer can do much. Like, if your submission is faulty, you cannot expect any technology or scanning art to make it good. So, a fine art canvas printing begins with your selection of a good quality photograph.

    There upon it’s about selecting a good printer service. You must carefully choose a printer who is extremely skilled at scanning art, because a lot can be done at this stage towards refining and enhancing the quality of the final prints. While some printers would cost you additionally for digital retouching, cropping, color balancing and proofing, others would do it for you for an all-inclusive fee. You can go through the portfolio of various printers and understand the kind of technology they are using to make sure that art canvas printing is par excellence.

    You should also ensure that the printer uses best quality canvas material and inks that promise archival quality. In case you do not already know, printers of repute offer prints using pigmented inks that deliver not only vibrant colors but also long life that can last up to a whole century. You would not find the colors of these paintings fade away with the passage of time. Moreover, you can have these paintings in custom sizes, optionally framed into stretched canvas prints or delivered at your doorstep into cost-saving rolled canvas prints. You can also order the rolled canvas prints with DIY stretcher kit to convert them into stretched canvas prints at home at your own convenience.

    Fine Art Giclee Reproductions – The Latest Craze Among the Art Connoisseurs

    2011 - 06.04

    If you are an art aficionado, then you must be acquainted with the amount of money involved in possessing an original masterpiece by Constable, Da Vinci, Monet, Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Dali, Picasso and other famous personalities. The technique of fine art Giclee printing helps artists in reproducing their works and thus helping you obtain your favorite legendary artists in a cost effective manner.

    With the advancement in printing technology and techniques, collecting artworks is no longer limited to the rich alone. Fine art Giclee prints are in fact the printed reproductions that are exactly similar to the original artwork. And this amazing accuracy is the main reason behind the immense popularity of Giclee prints.

    There are many online fine art Giclee printers that can create remarkably exact reproductions of extremely expensive original art works. Thus, you do not have to be necessarily wealthy or elite for cultivating the hobby of collecting art pieces. The exceptionally remarkable quality of these Giclee reproductions makes them almost indistinguishable from the original works that have been used for creating them.

    Giclee reproductions can be used as an inimitable alternative to high priced original works for decorating offices as well as homes. Giclee prints not only augment the interior or architectural design of the room but also help in creating an extraordinary ambiance as well. These prints also serve as most unique and remarkable gifts for all sorts of occasions including birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc. All you need to do is to hire one of the best online fine art Giclee printers for producing finest and most accurate reproductions.

    Fine Art Giclee Print : Producing Clones Of Your Artworks

    2011 - 05.26

    Today, the fine art printing has turned out to be a boon for artists as well as fine art lovers. Now artists can reproduce their works for exhibitions. The fine art enthusiasts can own giclee prints which look the same as original artworks. Just imagine; you can now have a Michelangelo painting adorning your living room! So how is a giclee print produced? What makes it so similar to an artwork? What is the process involved in fine art printing?

    Well, a giclee is a product of modern digital printing technology. An image is fed onto a computer and the image goes through a process of digital makeover. The quality of the image is improved via color correction, brightness and contrast adjustments etc. After this, special effects including brush strokes are created so that image resembles a work of art. The final touch applied, the image is then printed using a special inkjet printer. The print can be taken on canvas as well as on photo paper.

    In the past few years, the number of companies offering fine art giclee print has increased. But as option increases you should be careful while choosing a service provider. Everyone wants to go for companies offering quality services at the lowest price. But only a few reputed companies can fulfill your wish. Always go for companies that offer guarantees on their works. And as far as the rate of fine art giclee print is concerned, you can check the websites of these companies.