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Commercial Clients
First of all, you really need to call us. We know from experience that all commercial work has a media/pricing target that needs to be considered, and that can be efficiently addressed with a phone call. Needless to say, there's no obligation, this is our job. Call:800-877-9055.

Here's what you can expect from the Giclee By The Bay crew:
  • Remarkably low pricing ュ as low as 2.95 cents per square inch on canvas and 2.8 cents or less for paper. Due to our extremely low pricing, we've helped many clients stay in the States rather than sending their business overseas.
  • Astounding, archival quality despite the low price. That's been our hallmark from the start.
  • A multi-talented team of experts who have in-depth knowledge of the commercial printing market.
  • A group that looks for a better, and often, less expensive way to accomplish your project. Now, that's refreshing!
Per square inch pricing is determined by your requirements (or balance) between print resolution, varnishing technique, choice of canvas and whether or not you need your giclees cut of sent as a roll. Working with you, we'll run some numbers for you to determine which of the two methods (described below) is better for your project. Here are some examples that may clear up how to determine pricing and charges:

There are two methods of pricing:

The first is to charge a lower price per square inch for all the canvas used including the border or bleed as well as any waste. What's meant by waste? Let's say the image is 30"x30" and you need a 2 inch border to stretch your canvas. That makes the print size (with border) 34"x34." Using 36" canvas, there's 2" of waste on the right side. Using this method, you pay for this as well. It's a small price to pay considering how much you're saving. More often than not, most savvy clients will set their sizes to use all the canvas. Using this same example, let's say you also need a one inch printed gallery wrap as well. The 30"x30" now needs a total of three inches around the image, making the 36" canvas an ideal "no loss" selection for canvas width.

The second method of pricing is to charge a flat rate per square inch that's calculated by multiplying the active image area. This is a little easier to determine. You simply calculate the the inked area of an image and multiply it times the rate. If you are using a gallery wrap and that canvas is also printed, that's part of the overall image. Just because it sneaks around the edges doesn't make it exempt it from printing charges. However, you aren't charged for up to 2 inches of white border nor any waste. This rate is only available on medium to larger sized prints.

What's not included in pricing:

Scanning and proofing.

If you have files that are ready to print with no proofing, then there's no charge.

Essentially anything that isn't directly related to the printing such as shipping, packing, increasing resolution, re-sizing or setting new ratios, taking out or setting in signatures, adding gallery wrap borders, digital painting and retouching and as you can imagine a host of other services that might crop up. It's more of a common sense situation.
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