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Pre-Press Explained
We realize this is a little confusing to anyone just starting out, so let's take a moment to make it clear.
First, let's explain what it isn't.

  • Pre-press isn't a charge for each and every print you order.
  • Pre-press isn't going to show up again when you re-order prints, either.
This is what pre-press covers:
  • Pre-press charge is $85 per image that you submit to cover the time and expense for proofing.
  • This important step includes setup, cropping, minor digital retouching, and the all-important color balance and proofing, which often takes hours of work and dozens of proofs to assure the highest quality.
Gicl馥 By The Bay charges $85, which is probably amongst the lowest in the industry, and we think you'll agree is very reasonable. Remember, this applies only once to any image. Any prints or re-prints of that image will never bear this charge again!

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