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Pricing Information
Current turn-over for orders with proofs is about 4 weeks.
Re-prints or digital file prints on paper take 3 to 5 working days. Canvas is 5 to 10 days.
While we endeavor to honor requested completion dates, we cannot guarantee
a specific date unless it's a paid "Rush Order".

Pre-Press Charge per Scan is $85. Click if you would like an explanation about what this entails.
Pricing for Prints on Fine Art Papers
Wholesale/Commercial Accounts please call (805) 528-2244 or 1-800-877-9055 for special pricing.

NOTE REGARDING SIZES NOT LISTED: To save you money, pricing for sizes that fall in-between standard sizes are priced per square inch. There's an additional 1/2" to 1" border around the printed area unless larger is requested. Anything beyond 1" is charged as active image area.
Image Size 8x10 11x14 15x20 20x24 20x30 4x36 30x40 36x48 44x60
1 N/A N/A $39.51 $53.71 $60.54 $74.12 $87.48 $107.11 $139.05
2-10 $12.68 $20.74 $34.35 $46.70 $52.62 $64.45 $76.08 $70.52 $120.91
11-25+ $11.79 $19.30 $31.95 $43.44 $48.96 $59.96 $58.92 $65.58 $92.33
Pricing for Prints on Canvas, including liquid lamination.
Wholesale/Commercial Accounts please call (805) 528-2244 or 1-800-877-9055 for much lower pricing.

A 2" border is added for stretching, and is shown as the "overall size" in the 2nd row. To save you money, pricing for sizes that fall in-between standard sizes are priced per square inch. Price includes semi-gloss UV Varnish finish applied with a StarLam liquid laminator.
Image Size 8x10 11x14 16x20 20x24 20x30 20x36 4x36 30x40 36x40 44x60
Overall Size 12x14 15x18 20x24 24x28 24x34 28x34 28x40 34x44 40x44 44x64
1 N/A N/A $54.25 $67.15 $81.00 $93.60 $107.01 $144.80 $162.70 $234.70
2-10 $20.80 $30.11 $44.36 $55.16 $64.74 $74.52 $85.62 $117.00 $134.48 $194.96
11-25+ $19.43 $20.12 $41.59 $51.80 $61.15 $68.48 $82.93 $112.34 $126.58 $183.83
Pricing Minimums Explained:
Minimum order is $500 on each new piece of artwork. (This doesn't apply when re-ordering.)
This minimum is for each brand new image (film or original art) submitted for the first time.

If you're re-ordering or sending ready-to-print files that don't require proofing, there's a $200 minimum.

Rush Orders - 3 to 7 days and 50% surcharge
Scanning & Other Digital Services:
There's a one-time, $85, prepress charge per submitted image. Click here for more info.

FTP Uploads and Digital Files: Giclee By The Bay accepts, free of charge, files sent to our website via FTP. You may upload files up to 200 megabytes, but you must first call us for settings and pass codes.

A digital file is printed "as is," and all the responsibility for color balance, lightness/darkness etc., understandably, rests with the client. There's no pre-press charge for this service. However, if you submit a sample image for us to use as a color target, we will proof your file and match it as closely as possible (sometimes running a dozen or more proofs). The charge for this service is $85 per image and, upon your request, we'll send you a proof for your approval before printing. Note: Unless you have calibrated monitors, what you see on your screen won't necessarily match what's on ours, and it's highly unlikely that what you print will dovetail with our printer's output, either. Despite those notes of caution, we do this all the time with superb results because we work closely with our clients.

"Better Light" Scanner System: This is hands down the best method of recording an image for digital work such as printing giclees. The color accuracy and high resolution assures astounding quality. For more info, click here.

Costs: $75 per image up to 100mb at 8 bit. $90 for 101mb to 200mb. $105 for 201mb to 275mb. And, $125 for 276mb to 350mb. (For 16 bit files, the megabytes are doubled along with the pricing.) Your images will be burned to a CD for $7 per disk at your request.

Large sizes require additional handling and setup of the scan and lighting system. Artwork over 40" in either dimension up to 47," add $15. For art 48" to 59," add $30. 60" to 72," please add $50. 72" to 110" add $75.

When sending original art, please insure the package and include a note for how much it should be insured for its return. Shipping and insurance is billed at cost. If the package is damaged or won't pass shipping standards for insurance, we'll discuss repackaging options with you.

Film Scanning of 35mm (and larger roll film) Slides and Negatives: This is a critical step toward creating a superb giclee. Giclee By The Bay will scan you film at high resolution using all the scanning controls that will render a quality scan. Service includes cleaning the slide/negative of dust. Our film scanner is exceptional and its ratings in the industry are the most distinguished.

Cost Per Small Format Scan: $40 for up to 80 mb. If you need larger scans (up to 800 mb), we will oil mount your slide or negative and pricing is the same as for large format data. Your images can be burned to a CD for $7 per disk at your request.

Large Format Scans: We use the best: a Creo iQsmart3 with Oxygen software. 4x5s, 8x10s and 11x14s are priced according to file size listed below. (8bit)

Costs for Large Format Scans: Up to 200mb file is $75 and a 300mb file is $90 Cost beyond 300mb is $25 per 100mb. Your images can be burned to a CD for $7 per disk at your request.

Increasing Resolution and Image Size: We offer this service as an alternative to creating a smaller sized giclee when the file size and resulting dpi (dots per inch) is too small. This is accomplished with an effective, specialized software program. We can double or triple the file size quite successfully, raising the dpi to 300 or more. If you'd like to take advantage of this service, the cost is $25.00

Precision Cutting of Prints : While we cut prints fairly closely, we offer precision cutting for $5 per print.

Digital Retouching: Occasionally, when our client's send us their scan of film, we need to restore or otherwise improve the digital information to ensure the giclee doesn't print with blemishes. Some factors that might warrant this work is the discovery of an excess of scratches, large colonies of embedded dust, color variations due to poor film processing or age, and the list goes on. Generally, we don't charge for anything we can correct efficiently; but, if it's an serious problem, we'll let you know how much time might be involved and let you decide what you'd like us to do. We want to be clear, this is only on film or a scan supplied by our client.

Digital Retouching: $15 per 1/4 hour. Time is billed in 5 minute increments.

Creating CDs and DVDs Burning CDs are $7 each and DVDs are $25 each.

Creating J-Pegs from Large Files Creating J-Pegs from larger image files is a time-consuming task. We charge a very low fee of $3 per image to create J-Pegs.

Certificates of Authenticity Certificates of Authenticity are available as master copies or files. These will include information you dictate to us, although we'll call you to assure accuracy before we enter the data. You have two choices: one is to have us print a master copy that you'll make copies of for your clients. The other choice, and probably the best for you, is to have us create a PDF file of the certificate that you then print on demand. The advantage is that it's always a crisp new copy that you can print at home.
Shipping Costs:
Proofs will be sent through US Postal Service using First Class or Priority Mail or in some cases, UPS. Shipping of original art, final giclee prints, CDs and other client material will be sent via Fed-Ex or UPS. All shipping costs, including insurance will be paid by the client and billed at actual cost. If the original shipping containers can't be re-used, doesn't exist or must be replaced for any reason, that cost is the client's responsibility, but will be discussed first. Also, packing materials often need to be augmented to re-ship your work. We charge a minor fee for this expense. Shipping tubes, boxes and packing materials are billied at a nominal fee. Re-packing original artwork is billed according to its complexity and time.
Re-Framing Artwork:
Removing and re-framing artwork is done at the accepted risk of the client. Billing is calculated according to the time and materials involved.
A minimum deposit of $150 is required on a new account. Otherwise, it's 50% of the total, estimated cost with the balance (including shippping costs) due before shipment. You may pay by check or credit card. Important Information regarding credit cards: Giclee By The Bay staff will take your credit card information over the phone or via your order form that accompanies your artwork. We don't accept returns and thus there are no charge-backs using a credit card with Giclee By The Bay. If you have concerns about your giclees or billing, please call us and we'll make sure your concerns are addressed and resolved to your satisfaction.

For any client carrying a running balance with 30 days or less with payment terms, there is a 1% charge per month, compounded, on overdue accounts. This will be automatically imposed after 30 days from invoice date. Any account running over 90 days will be turned over to a third party, attourney or the State for suit and collections.

All shipments are FOB, Los Osos, California.
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