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Why Giclee By The Bay?
Features You'll Find At Giclee By The Bay:
  • Pay a lot less and still get the best! Exemplary service and results are our hallmark.
  • We are uniquely qualified and equipped to develop exceptional fine art or commercial giclees for you.
  • We understand the value of ensuring that every client must always be satisfied with his or her final print.
  • We develop your work as we would ours.
1. First, and foremost, our pricing is amongst the lowest in the industry. However, price alone is a lonesome advantage if it's not backed by excellent services that match or exceed our competition's. That's what you will find down-to-earth, friendly folk at Giclee ByThe Bay, who dedicate themselves to the precision and methodology that's required at each stage of production with one goal in mind...creating exquisite fine art giclees or art decor prints for you. We understand that price may bring you to us, but our service and exceptional results will keep you coming back.

2. We use the finest six to twelve ink printers for large format printing. Our printers are optimized with inks that are specifically intended for fine art printing. Sizes up to 63 inches wide by 59 feet in length are possible. Our printers are extolled for their ability to produce exceptional fine art giclees, and tout some of the smallest spray nozzles available anywhere. What's more, we use stable, archival, pigmented inks, not dye based inks often found in most printers. This allows giclee By The Bay to offer reproductions on neutral pH,100% cotton rag watercolor paper as well as many other fine art papers and canvas. Independent testing shows our pigmented inks offer upward of 80 years lightfastness, and we're delighted to offer archival prints.

3. Scanning is seldom given much attention and is often viewed as simply a perfunctory way to digitize an image for software processing. We, at giclee By The Bay, pay particular attention during this stage of prepress knowing how critical this stage is to the quality of the final print. We use the finest film scanner available (Creo iQsmart3) and utilize the advanced features of this scanner to extract an extraordinary amount of information from your transparency or negative. When we scan original art using the Better Light scanning system, we are using the finest in the world...there is no equal. Whether we handle film or original art, all is handled with the utmost care and respect.

4. Once we complete the prepress (scanning, perceptual color balancing etc.), we will present you with a proof(s) for your approval. This is when you have the opportunity to add your thoughts and make suggestions. We'll make changes based upon our knowledge and understanding of what you express regarding the proof, and if necessary, present you with another proof. Otherwise, if you approve the proof, we begin the printing process.

5. We want you to feel comfortable with the process. It's a partnership. However, you don't need a background in computers or printing nor a grasp of the technical aspects involved in giclee printing to participate. That's what we're here for. We understand what you're trying to accomplish. Even small changes such as paper selection might change the feeling of your print--we're here to make it work, and we'll do everything we can to make this a successful journey.
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